HyFAST 2.1 Beta

As part of an international collaborative effort, The University of Western Australia, in conjunction with the Colorado School of Mines are engaged in an on-going effort to produce software tools capable of identifying when, where, and importantly, how severe hydrate formation will be in multi-phase oil & gas systems. This has led to the development of the Hydrate Flow Assurance Simulation Tool (HyFAST), which aims to simulate hydrate forming systems; from bench-top autoclave apparatus, to flowloops and industrial flowline systems. Making use of the most advanced hydrate models available, HyFAST offers a way of gauging the severity of formation both at steady state operation and during a number of transient operations, including cold restarts and inhibitor injection failures.

To download HyFAST 2.1, please visit the HyFAST subpage available on the menu ribbon.

For all enquiries, including bug reporting, please contact:

Dr Zachary Aman
Fluid Science & Resources Division, The University of Western Australia
Phone: +61 8 6436 9405