The Fluid Science and Resources Laboratory at the University of Western Australia conducts applied research aimed at advancing knowledge, maximising the value of resources produced, and minimising the environmental impact of their production. Humanity’s long-term prosperity depends on the ability to supply the energy and raw materials needed to raise global living standards, while simultaneously preserving the environment for future generations. Making significant progress towards these goals requires a deeper scientific understanding of the complex fluids and solids that either comprise the natural resource or are used by engineers for extraction and processing. Using advanced experimental techniques to provide new insight, often under extreme conditions, our research produces the data and models that are both needed by industry and help further scientific knowledge.

Medical MRI for Hydrate Research

From left: Prof. Eric May,UWA, Dr. Einar Fridjonsson, UWADr. Paul Pickering, Woodside, Dr. Sarah Vogt, UWA, Nino Fogliani, Woodside & Sean Salter, Woodside in the MRI magnet room with the hydrates flow loop

24 November 2016.  In what is believed to be a world first researchers are using medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging...

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